Cheng Lin 林铖

Ph.D., Researcher, Tencent

I'm currently a researcher at Tencent Game AI. I received my Ph.D. from The Univeristy of Hong Kong (HKU), advised by Prof. Wenping Wang. I visited Visual Computing Group at Technical University of Munich (TUM), advised by Prof. Matthias Nießner. Before that, I did my bachelor's degree in Shandong University and was a Research Asistant at the Research Center of Digital Media Technology. My research interests include geometric modeling, 3D vision, shape analysis and computer graphics.

I'm looking for self-motivated interns who are interested in research problems in digital content creation in games. If you want to work with me at Tencent Games, feel free to drop me an email.

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SparseNeuS: Fast Generalizable Neural Surface Reconstruction from Sparse Views
ECCV 2022
Gen6D: Generalizable Model-Free 6-DoF Object Pose Estimation from RGB Images
ECCV 2022
3PSDF: Three-Pole Signed Distance Function for Learning Surfaces with Arbitrary Topologies
CVPR 2022
Coverage Axis: Inner Point Selection for 3D Shape Skeletonization
Eurographics(EG) 2022
Adaptive Surface Normal Constraint for Depth Estimation
ICCV 2021
Point2Skeleton: Learning Skeletal Representations from Point Clouds
CVPR 2021 (Oral)
Learnable Motion Coherence for Correspondence Pruning
CVPR 2021
Modeling 3D Shapes by Reinforcement Learning
ECCV 2020
Most discussed CS papers on Twitter [Hot Computer Science]
SEG-MAT: 3D Shape Segmentation Using Medial Axis Transform
Adaptive Compact Attention For Few-shot Video-to-video Translation
Arxiv 2020
Floorplan-Jigsaw: Jointly Estimating Scene Layout and Aligning Partial Scans
ICCV 2019
Image-based Reconstruction of Wire Art
Supporting easy physical-to-virtual creation of mobile vr maze games: a new genre
CHI 2017
A Novel Workbench for Collaboratively Constructing 3D Virtual Environment
IIKI 2017


  • 3D Digital Content Technology - Representation, Understanding, Creation
    CSIG Virtual Reality and HCI Seminar, China Society of Image and Graphics (CSIG)
    July, 2022

  • Geometric Learning and Analysis for High-level Shape Understanding
    Tencent AI Lab
    October, 2021

  • Point2Skeleton: Learning Skeletal Representations of Point Clouds
    Vision and Learning Seminar (VALSE Webinar)
    August, 2021

  • State-of-the-art Applications of Medial Axis Transform in 3D Vision and Shape Analysis
    Advanced Computer Graphics, ShanghaiTech University
    March, 2021

  • Modeling 3D Shapes by Reinforcement Learning
    Holistic Scene Structures for 3D Vision, ECCV 2020 Workshop
    August, 2020
  • Services

  • Journal Reviewer: TPAMI 2021, TVCG 2021,2022, TKDE 2021, C&G 2022
  • Conference Reviewer: CVPR 2022, SIGGRAPH 2022, ECCV 2022, 3DV 2022, SIGGRAPH AISA 2022
  • Awards

  • Computer Science Postgraduate Scholarship [2016, 2018]
  • Postgraduate Scholarship [2016-2020]
  • Google Excellence Scholarship [2015]
  • President’s Scholarship (the highest honor in Shandong University) [2015]
  • Baosteel Scholarship [2015]
  • CCF (China Computer Federation) Top 100 Outstanding CS Students of China [2015]
  • National Scholarship of China [2013, 2014, 2015]

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