Cheng Lin 林铖

Ph.D. Candidate, The University of Hong Kong

I am a Ph.D. candidate at The Univeristy of Hong Kong (HKU), advised by Prof. Wenping Wang. Before that, I did my bachelor's degree in Shandong University. My research interests include 3D vision, shape analysis, geometric learning and computer graphics.

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Point2Skeleton: Learning Skeletal Representations from Point Clouds
Arxiv 2020
Learnable Motion Coherence for Correspondence Pruning
Arxiv 2020
Modeling 3D Shapes by Reinforcement Learning
ECCV 2020
Most discussed CS papers on Twitter [Hot Computer Science]
SEG-MAT: 3D Shape Segmentation Using Medial Axis Transform
Adaptive Compact Attention For Few-shot Video-to-video Translation
Arxiv 2020
Floorplan-Jigsaw: Jointly Estimating Scene Layout and Aligning Partial Scans
ICCV 2019
Image-based Reconstruction of Wire Art
Supporting easy physical-to-virtual creation of mobile vr maze games: a new genre
CHI 2017
A Novel Workbench for Collaboratively Constructing 3D Virtual Environment
IIKI 2017


  • Computer Science Postgraduate Scholarship [2016, 2018]
  • Postgraduate Scholarship [2016-2020]
  • Google Excellence Scholarship [2015]
  • President’s Scholarship (the highest honor in Shandong University) [2015]
  • Baosteel Scholarship [2015]
  • CCF (China Computer Federation) Top 100 Outstanding CS Students of China [2015]
  • National Scholarship of China [2013, 2014, 2015]
  • Experiences

  • Visual Computing Group, Technical University of Munich (TUM)
    Research Visit
    Advisor: Prof. Matthias Nießner
    May 2019 - Oct 2019

  • Research Center of Digital Media Technology, Ministry of Education
    Research Assistant
    Advisor: Prof. Chenglei Yang
    Dec 2014 - June 2016
  • Talks

  • Modeling 3D Shapes by Reinforcement Learning
    Holistic Scene Structures for 3D Vision, ECCV 2020 Workshop Invited Talk
    August, 2020
  • Patents

  • A mixed-reality game system based on ubiquitous computing
    China Invention Patent (Granted) CN105373224B

  • A collaborative scene modeling system based on wide-angle folding touch screens
    China Invention Patent (Granted) CN106406430B

  • A collaborative scene modeling system based on mobile terminals and holographic display
    China Invention Patent (Granted) CN104794752B

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